• An exceptional barrister

Stewart is a highly experienced, well respected barrister. Daily, he brings his weighty skills & knowledge to bear in support of all his clients. For many years he has represented both Corporate and Personal...

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  • List of legal services

His services cover both civil and regulatory issues. Not all matters need to go to court and can be resolved through mediation or arbitration. Fixed fees are possible for many services and are seen as a great benefit to...

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  • Client comments

“the result was far better than in my wildest dreams I had expected. I am most grateful for your excellent advocacy” ...“he could not have been in better hands” ...“you did an excellent job”

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Why many people now call on a barrister before a solicitor:

  • Barristers & solicitors are both types of lawyer
  • You can engage many specialist barristers direct
  • Engaging a barrister direct can save on all the solicitors fees
  • Barristers can offer a crucial level of specialist legal knowledge
  • Barristers offer specific expert representation in court & elsewhere
  • You can manage your costs exactly with pre-arranged fixed fees
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Mediation & Arbitration (ADR) Services:

Faster dispute resolution without litigation

  • Litigation is often a lengthy, unpredictable and expensive process
  • Litigation is a public matter and can leave relationships in tatters
  • ADR is often much less expensive than court action
  • Cases are private and can be conducted earlier than courts allow
  • Approved by the courts, ADR is often expected prior to court action
  • More often, after agreements or determinations are reached, relationships are still workable
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  • Arbitration

Less expensive than the courts and held in private, arbitration decisions are binding...

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  • Mediation

Mediation is invariable cheaper, faster & more flexible than court action...

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  • Property Issues

Neighbour or landlord issues, boundary disputes or builder problems?...

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  • Commercial Property

Contract, leasing, landlord and tenant issues are best resolved quickly...

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  • Regulatory Compliance

Accused of breaking business, trading, health and safety or professional regulations?...

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  • Building / Construction

Building, construction, sales, leasing & tenancies all come with their own issues...

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  • Contract services

Contract law is complicated, expert advice is often the only way towards a resolution.

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  • Trading Standards

Investigations by the authorities involve a wide range of offences. If you inadvertently fall foul...

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