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Direct Access Barrister, Mediator and Arbitrator and Barrister, lawyer for Winchester & SouthamptonAs a successful Winchester based business lawyer, Stewart Patterson advocates for many local individuals and businesses in the Winchester and Southampton areas. Although recognized for his work as a barrister he is also a highly qualified business mediator and arbitrator.

His work with clients involves helping them with contract issues of all kinds, however holding a masters degree in construction law he has a special knowledge of construction cases. This enables him to work effectively in construction mediation and arbitration cases that arise around the Winchester and Southampton areas.

Winchester Direct Access Barrister

Direct Access to barristers is a legal change which has made it possible for individuals with immediate need of legal expertise the ability to contact an experienced professional advocate, and to be able to do this under more cost effective circumstances than was previously possible.

Stewart says “If you are facing a dispute and would like professional advice you can call me on 01962 690061, I will straight away arrange to give you the guidance you need”.

You can obtain additional information about all the different specialized services accessible within the direct access plan at the Bar Council website. It gives extensive information and facts in connection with the whole topic of Direct Access.

Mediation & Arbitration Services For Winchester And Southampton

Business Mediation & Arbitration Services are both modern day alternatives for resolving issues and come under the general heading of Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR. This can involve challenges such as construction disputes and contract disputes and often enables them to be settled quickly and satisfactorily out of court.

Litigation is an expensive and lengthy process which can have unpredictable outcomes, and this is one of the key reasons why many people opt for ADR as a method to solving such issues. Stewart is a well known expert in conducting these services and continues to do so for individual and corporate clients across the region.


How To Contact Me

Stewart Patterson, Barrister – Pump Court Chambers, 31 Southgate St. Winchester SO23 9EB Tel: 01962 690061 Fax: 0845 259 3240 DX: 2514 Winchester

 If you would like professional advice call me on 01962 690061 or use the contact form below. I am a highly experienced barrister and I will give you the guidance that you need quickly and succinctly

You can read more about Stewart here: Stewart Patterson Winchester Barrister

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We wholeheartedly welcome you to contact us regarding any legally related issues or concerns. We're easy to talk with and will very quickly steer you in the right direction.

Stewart Patterson
Barrister, Mediator & Arbitrator

Pump Court Chambers,
31 Southgate Street,
SO23 9EB
Tel: 01962 690061
Fax: 0845 259 3240
DX: 2514 Winchester