Agreed Fixed Fee Arrangements

A no surprises arrangement for clients

Do I need a solicitor or a barrister?

Fixed Fees Reduce Your Risk

One of the fears that people often have is that of costs spiraling out of control. I have eliminated the worry of this, and to some extent taken the risk of cost over-runs on my own shoulders by employing a very popular and equitable Fixed Fee arrangement with my clients.

A clearly laid out costs structure

Quite simply, you can call or email me (see below) with the details of your problem. If you use email I may telephone you back for more details. During this initial call we will ascertain if I am able to help you and if there is purpose to you using my services. This initial conversation is free.

Subsequent to this, all further work will be quoted to you and agreed in advance on a Fixed Fee basis. If there are any intangible costs involved, such as third party services, these will be clearly pointed out in advance. This way you can make your decisions accordingly.

Normally we organise a meeting in my Barristers Chambers or if this is not possible, we continue with a Skype call. This is an in depth look at your situation and includes a discussion of both possible and desired outcomes. Recommendations will be made.

This is the arrangement:
  • First contact telephone or email enquiry: Free
  • Then agreed fixed fees for specific work
This arrangement applies to non 'legal professionals'. Quotes are also given for representation at a Court hearing, or at Arbitration & Mediation sessions.

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Fixed fees for barristers

How To Contact Me

If you are facing a dispute and would like professional advice you can call me on 01962 690061 or use the contact form below. I am a highly experienced barrister and I will give you the guidance that you need straight away

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We wholeheartedly welcome you to contact us regarding any legally related issues or concerns. We're easy to talk with and will very quickly steer you in the right direction.

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