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One of the advantages of arbitration is that you get to choose your own arbitrator.  If you go to court you have to accept the judge you are given.  Of course, he may very good, but it cannot be guaranteed that he has knowledge and experience in the type of case that you have.

You can make a point of choosing an arbitrator who has specialist experience and knowledge in precisely your type of case.

If you cannot reach agreement as to who the arbitrator should be you can apply to one of the arbitration organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators to appoint one for you.  You can also choose an arbitrator who is available to deal with your case at a time and place convenient to you, without having to wait for a lengthy period for a hearing.

With a court case, you have to attend when the court gives you a date, although it may listen to some representations from you. Furthermore, the venue may be changed by order of the court to another available court centre, and you will have little say about that.

Stewart Patterson is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and is available to be contracted directly by the parties.

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