Are you accused of breaking business regulations?

It is now easier than ever to fall foul of rules and regulations. Help is at hand.

Stewart Patterson, Experienced Regulatory barristerIn these busy and pressured times our working lives are governed by the many agencies and authorities who have the powers to regulate the way we conduct our businesses.

Regulatory compliance is always a challenge whatever your business. We are subject to ever changing financial regulations, health and safety regulations, employment regulations, construction design and management regulations and more.

Actions for regulatory breach are on the increase

We are faced with ever increasing levels of action being taken against businesses and individuals in what has grown to be a minefield of regulatory compliance rules, directives and legislation from both the UK and EU.

Have you broken the rules?

regulatory issues, construction regulations inspectorMaybe you are concerned that you have breached regulations, or perhaps you have been made aware that action is to be taken against you. This can be an enquiry or an impending prosecution. If this is so, it is essential for you to get solid, quality advice and to get it quickly.

Talking to a specialist barrister

My best advice to you is that you take action now. By contacting an experienced regulatory barrister you will have an expert on your side. They will study the details of your case and then give you the best advise on how you can defend yourself as well as protect your business.

By contacting a barrister direct, you will have the help that you need within hours. You will also avoid any extra delays expense that can be incurred when being referred by a solicitor.

You can email or call Stewart Patterson for this. As an experienced barrister of long standing, he has a tremendous depth of knowledge in regulatory issues.

The process is easy and fast to do. You will be confident that you are dealing with a specialist from the very start. You can make your initial enquiry by phone or email. After that all work is carried out on a fixed cost basis, so you will always know exactly where you stand.

‘Who should’ & ‘How to’ take action

You should make contact straight away if…

  • An agency or regulatory body has notified you of prosecution.
  • If you have had an unsatisfactory visit from an inspector.
  • If a regulator is making unreasonable demands.
  • If you want to reduce the risks of future actions.

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