Building and Construction Problems

Building/Construction Problems

Construction/building work covers a wide area of activities and is notorious for giving rise to problems, due to its adversarial nature.  These can often be difficult to resolve.

For example:

If you are a builder

Is the owner refusing to pay for your work? Has he changed his mind several times about the work he wants done? Does he imagine these variations were free? Does he think they will not affect how long the work will take to complete.

If you are an owner

Has the builder let you down? Is his work up to scratch? Do you feel you have overpaid him? Is he demanding ever more money to complete the work? Do you believe that he has gone off to start other jobs instead of finishing yours. 

If you are a sub-contractor

A specialist in your own trade – is the main contractor refusing to pay you? Has he served a “pay less” notice?  Is he claiming that some of your work was defective? Is he issuing you with contra-charges?

If you are a main contractor

Has your sub-contractor let you down.  Is his work defective? Is he claiming for work he has not completed?  Has the owner refused to accept the sub-contractor’s work?

To determine these issues in a court of law would cost a great deal of money, often actually in excess of the amounts involved, and take months, or even years to achieve a result. Meanwhile the work could remain unfinished, or defects not put right. That is why so often people go to mediation in order to achieve a resolution of the dispute swiftly and without enormous expenditure.

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