Is the property owner failing to pay you for construction work?

Stewart Patterson Mediator, business mediation servicesIs the owner refusing to pay for your work? Does he imagine the variations were free?

Whether you are an Architect, Builder, Surveyor or some other specialist, a client failing to pay you for any kind of construction, engineering or design work can at the very least cause cash flow problems, at worse it can be devastating to your business. We appreciate this.

Payment disputes on construction projects need a quick resolution

Across the years I have a gained a wide range of experience in resolving payment disputes and related problems for companies and individuals within the construction industry.

It is certain that I will be able to let you know where you stand legally with your client and, if appropriate, I will be able to take the action that will get you paid as quickly as possible.

Construction Work Is Done & Still No Payment!

Whenever clients fail to pay you, they always claim a reason, legitimate or not. In order to resolve the issue we need to understand exactly what the clients reasons are.

Why isn’t the property owner paying? What can you do about it?

The Owner is saying:

  • They don’t have the money
  • They are not in town
  • You have not finished the work
  • That the work is not good enough
  • They did not agree to your charges

You need to know if you can:

  • Get paid for your work at all
  • Remove work done
  • Take Court action
  • Find a better solution

Very often during a job, the circumstances and client requirements can change the specifications of what you have to do. These variations affect your costs and ultimately the clients bill.

Is the clients non-payment legitimate?

Sub Contractor payment disputesDo you have an appropriate written agreement or purchase order with the client? If you do, it needs to be looked at carefully as this can affect the terms and speed of any eventual outcome.

If no such agreement or purchase order exists, you still have rights and of course should still be paid – you just need to be more careful with the next steps to take.

Have there been issues during the job?

  • The Client did not approve project plans on time
  • The Client did not provide materials or access on schedule
  • The Client changed specifications a number of times
  • You were not able to finish the job within the agreed deadline
  • Delays have occurred because of problems with other contractors

If you have a written agreement or purchase order in place with the client, does it contain clauses which cover these issues?

As soon as any of these problems surface and look difficult to resolve, it is essential that you make note of all conversations with the client and take legal advice straight away.

Get the right legal assistance faster

As soon as any of these problems surface and look difficult to resolve, it is essential that you make note of all conversations with the client and take legal advice straight away.

As an experienced barrister I will be mindful of your problems and the urgency that you would like to apply to this case.

As a matter of course I will study the details, the arguments and any written contract. I will then make the very best recommendations on exactly how you ought to proceed towards obtaining the money that you are due. Coming to me direct also means that you will save on unnecessary solicitors bills.

Contact me straight away. You will have the help that you require almost immediately.

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