Is there a difficulty with your commercial tenancy?

Stewart Patterson - barrister, commercial and business property expertThere is little more time consuming or personally draining than business disputes. Disagreements between business / commercial landlords and tenants can extend themselves in to months and even years.

Correct advice and timely from an expert can enable you to avoid all of this.

Tenant & Landlord problems

No matter whether you are a tenant or a landlord, disputes can cost you financially as well. These include problems changes of use by the tenant, disputes over review and break clauses, breached lease conditions, access problems, non payment and other rent issues.

A resolution can be hard to see

Commercial and Business property disputes between tenants and landlordsAll to often, one party or the other is caught up in a cycle of problems and so they take an entrenched stance. Resolution can then be very difficult and a long time coming.

The benefits of talking to a specialist barrister

To resolve things successfully, the right advice is required from a barrister who has an in depth knowledge and a broad range of experience relating to commercial property dispute resolution.

The barrister will see past the conflict, the mis-information and the uncertainties through to a path leading to a resolution.

My best advice to you is that you take action now. By contacting a barrister who has the relevant experience and expertise in commercial property disputes, you will have an expert on your side. They will study the details of your case and then give you the best advice on how you can make your argument successfully and so resolve the dispute.

Get faster expert advice

Rather than going through a solicitor to be referred on to a barrister, you can now contact a barrister direct yourself. This way you will have the help that you need almost immediately. Not only will you avoid unnecessary delays, but also you will avoid the extra expense that is incurred when being referred by a solicitor.

You can email or call Stewart Patterson for this. As an experienced barrister of long standing, he has a tremendous depth of knowledge in commercial property issues.

The process is easy and fast to do. You will be confident that you are dealing with a specialist from the very start. You can make your initial enquiry by phone or email. After that all work is carried out on a fixed cost basis, so you will always know exactly where you stand.

‘Who should’ & ‘How to’ take action

You should make contact straight away if…

  • You have a problem tenant
  • You have a problem where your landlord is behaving unreasonably
  • You need to enforce tenancy conditions
  • You are not sure that court action is the right approach

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