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Stewart Patterson Mediator, business mediation servicesOur working lives are governed by many agencies who have the powers to regulate the way we conduct our businesses, one of the most active of which is the Trading Standards authority.

Trading Standards compliance is essential whatever areas your business operates. Consumers are finding the mechanisms of complaint easier to pursue than ever before.

Breaking Trading Standards is a criminal offence, so if you find yourself under investigation it is advisable that you get legal help straight away. If you need help fast use our Contact form or call straight away on 01962 690061.

Trading Standards offences

Investigations by the trading standards authorities involve a wide range of possible offences. It is easy to fall foul of them inadvertently.

Trading Standards offences include:

  • Weights & measures
  • Trade descriptions
  • Consumer credit
  • Copyright
  • Trade marks
  • Food safety
  • Age restricted products and services

Main Agencies & Authorities:

  • Multiple Local Authority Trading Standards Departments
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Office of Fair Trading
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Authority

Being investigated by any of these can be a highly disruptive experience both personally and for your business.

Trading Standards example: False descriptions

Supplying and offering to supply goods or services with a false description is a criminal offence under trading standards law. The law covers false trade descriptions made on both new and second hand goods such as vehicles – a common offence is where the odometer on a car or van is reset to show a lower mileage.

Any person who falsely describes goods or services that they supply, or offer to supply while operating as a business is guilty of an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Operating with police assistance

The Police will assist Trading Standards officers to search premises, seize property and to arrest suspects. If any of this has happened to you, or you suspect that it might, then you really ought to get legal advice on what to do next.

Why you should use a specialist barrister

Trading standards investigaton legal adviceFirst and foremost, using a specialist barrister, like myself, is normally cheaper and quicker than going to a solicitor first.

If professional legal work is required, contacting a barrister direct avoids two sets of fees on the one job. It is also faster as you get the top specialist advice that you need almost immediately.

Secondly, trading standards is a well defined, yet complex area of law. Taking the wrong kinds of action when in contact with the police or trading standards investigators can become very expensive and time consuming.

On occasion clients come to me late in the game after mistakes have been made. You really want to avoid this.

You can get some useful background information on this Government site about Trading Standards Business Advice . Always base your decisions on good professional advice.

Get the right legal assistance faster

As soon as any of these problems surface and look difficult to resolve, it is essential that you make note of all conversations and take legal advice straight away.

As an experienced barrister I will be mindful of your problems and the urgency that you would like to apply to your case. You can call or email me with the details of your problem. If you use email I may telephone you back for more details. During this initial call we will ascertain if I am able to help you and if there is purpose to you using my services. This initial conversation is free.

Resolving a Trading Standards investigation

As a matter of course I will study the details of your situation. I will then make the very best recommendations on exactly how you ought to proceed towards reducing or eliminating the effects of any investigation. Any work I do for you can be on an agreed fixed fee basis.

As I mentioned earlier, coming to me direct also means that you will save on unnecessary solicitors bills. Contact me straight away with your trading standards issues.


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