Problems With A Bad Tenant?

Is your tenant in breach of their agreement, refusing to leave or is making claims against you?

Stewart Patterson Mediator, business mediation servicesA bad tenant can easily become a nightmare. As a landlord it is essential that you protect and maximise the return on your investment, and problems caused by a bad tenant can pose a serious threat to achieving this.

I have a broad range of experience in this field and my goal is to help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible. If you need help fast use our Contact form or call straight away on 01962 690061.

A range of bad tenant problems

Sometimes the issues caused by the bad tenant are clear breaches of the lease agreement, other times they are less so. In either case, attempts to throw out that tenant can leave you vulnerable to paying compensation. It is important that you get the best advice from the start.

Is the tenant:

  • Not paying rent
  • Refusing to leave at the end of the tenancy
  • Causing a nuisance
  • making accusations of illegal eviction
  • making a personal injury claim

  • In breach of the tenancy agreement
  • You have squatters in your property
  • defending an eviction claim
  • Carrying on a business at your residential property

Tenants come in all shapes and sizes, as do the problems that they create! As you know, even bad tenants have legal rights and you need to tread carefully.

The first step is to take a moment in order to categorise the problem, assess your position and then look at your resources. Above all you will want to deal with it in an effective, cost efficient and timely manner.

Why you should use a barrister

bad and problem tenantsFirst and foremost, using a specialist barrister, like myself, is normally cheaper and quicker than going to a solicitor first.

If professional legal work is required, contacting a barrister direct avoids two sets of fees on the one job. It is also faster as you get the top specialist advice that you need almost immediately.

Secondly, this is a complex area of law with many precedents, and individual circumstances differ. Taking the wrong kinds of action against a bad tenant can become very expensive and time consuming.

On occasion clients come to me late in the game after mistakes have been made. You really want to avoid this.

Get the right legal assistance faster

Non payment of bills by the contractor t the sub-contractorAs soon as any of these problems surface and look difficult to resolve, it is essential that you make note of all conversations with the tenant or their representatives and take legal advice straight away.

As an experienced barrister I will be mindful of your problems and the urgency that you would like to apply to this case. You can call or email me with your details of your problem. If you use email I may telephone you back for more details. During this initial call we will ascertain if I am able to help you and if there is purpose to you using my services. This initial conversation is free.

You can get some useful background information at this Wiki site on Landlord-Tenant Law . A small disclaimer – remember that this information is on a Wiki site, which means that the information is publicly edited and so may not be accurate. Always base your decisions on professional advice.

Resolve your bad tenant problems

As a matter of course I will study the details, the arguments and the details of the tenancy agreement. I will then make the very best recommendations on exactly how you ought to proceed towards resolving the dispute or evicting the tenant. Any work I do for you can be on an agreed fixed fee basis.

As I mentioned earlier, coming to me direct also means that you will save on unnecessary solicitors bills. Contact me straight away. You will have the help that you require almost immediately.

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