How To Arrange For A Mediation

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Stewart patterson, experienced mediatorMediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes. It is fully supported by the courts and allows the parties involved to have more control, resolve their dispute quicker and save massively on legal costs. An important fact is that the issues are dealt with confidentially rather than in an open court.


Arranging the mediation

As mediation takes place by agreement between the parties, you have to get the person or company on the other side of the dispute to agree.  You can either get the other side to agree first in principle and then approach me on behalf of both of you, or alternatively, if you would like to appoint me, get the other side to look at this website.

As a mediator I will be neutral rather than taking sides.  I will therefore need to speak to each of you before the mediation, and each of you will have to sign the mediation agreement and pay your share of the fee.  I can explain all this in more detail when I speak to you.


The courts support and encourage mediation

There is strong encouragement for mediation as a course of action from the courts. If one side refuses to try this course and the case goes to court, it could affect his claim for the costs of the action.  


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