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How to arrange for an arbitration?

You may be engaging in an arbitration because there is an arbitration clause in a contract, saying that all disputes between you are to be referred to arbitration.  Alternatively it may be because you and the other party have agreed after the dispute arose, that it will be determined by arbitration. 

In either case, if you want to appoint me as arbitrator, you have to get the person or company on the other side of the dispute to agree to this.  Otherwise you will have to go to one of the arbitration bodies to get them to appoint an arbitrator. If you do this you will not have any say in who it will be.    

You can either get the other side to agree first in principle and then approach me on behalf of both of you, or alternatively, if you would like to appoint me, get the other party to look at this website.

Arbitrator Duties

As an arbitrator, I will be neutral rather than taking sides, although having heard the case for both sides, I will have to make a decision as to which is in the right.  I will therefore need to speak to each of you before the arbitration, and each of you will have to sign the arbitration agreement and pay your share of the fee for the hearing.

For the sake of fairness and transparency, it is important that both sides should be copied in to any correspondence with me, and I will always copy any correspondence from me to both sides. I will arrange a preliminary meeting, which may be by phone, to arrange for the hearing and the matters which need to be dealt with by the parties in advance in order to ensure that I have all the material I will need to make a decision.

Making Arrangements

Once you have contacted me, it is sometimes easier if I put you in touch with my clerk to make arrangements for the preliminary meeting and to deal with both parties with regard to the mediation agreement.

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