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Mediation Services

An efficient dispute resolution service such as mediation is invariably cheaper, faster & more flexible than court action The process of mediation, performed by a proficient and expert mediator on neutral territory, is often a preferable and much better choice to that of being drawn into court action. Mediation could turn deadlock and acrimony into an amicably settled issue. Then with all the essential concerns resolved, all parties can move on. Read more on what to do next here: Workplace & Business Mediation Services. Or if you need help fast use our Contact form or call straight away on 01962 690061. Save time, money and worry.

Arbitration Services

Supported by the courts, carried out in private, decisions of arbitrators are binding Selecting Arbitration as a method of dispute resolution means that you’ll arrive at a binding conclusion to your dispute in a less expensive manor than court will allow, plus it will be away from the difficulties and public nature of the court system itself. There is more of a breakdown on this with more information that may help: Arbitration Services. If you need help fast use our Contact form or call straight away on 01962 690061. Saving time, money and worry you can now access an expert barrister direct.

About Stewart Patterson as Arbitrator & Mediator

Stewart Patterson: He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a mediator accredited to CEDR (the Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution) and ADR Group (Alternative Dispute Resolution). He has sat as a Recorder for many years (sitting as a part-time judge in civil cases).

He not only acts as an Arbitrator, but he has also been a Mediator in a wide variety of disputes. These have included disagreements between professional partners, training contracts, supply of specialised products, disputed property, boundary disputes, as well as building contract cases.

He brings to bear a life-time of experience of cases of all sorts, and has an understanding approach to the warring parties. He is a great believer in listening to what they have to say.

His work as a writer and broadcaster equips him well to communicate with others, and to explain difficult concepts in easy terms. He adopts a flexible approach to suit the circumstances of the case.

Stewart is also a member of his Chambers Inquiry Team, and is available to conduct fact finding and other enquiries on behalf of professional organisations, local authorities and public or private companies.

If you need help fast use our Contact form or call straight away on 01962 690061.


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