The Costs Of Hiring A Barrister

Agreed fixed fees

Do I need a solicitor or a barrister?

Finding the right barrister for you is key

You need to find a barrister who’s fees you know in advance, who regularly deals in problems like yours, knows the key players, the regulators, the jargon, the opposition, the common issues, the tactics.

After reading this you will have a better idea of how fees are made up and how to remain in control of the process yourself.

In brief…

City barristers rates run as high as £1,000 per hour, but don’t let this scare you. Rates for barristers who operate from regional chambers will normally cost a lot less. Additionally, most good barristers offer fixed fees for every specific task or will discuss with you the issues if this is not possible.

This is the arrangement:
  • First contact telphone or email enquiry: Free
  • Then agreed fixed fees for specific work
This arrangement applies to non 'legal professionals'. Quotes are also given for representation at a Court hearing, or at Arbitration & Mediation sessions.

How Barristers fees compared to Solicitors

Barristers fees and solicitors fees are made up differently. Solicitors often have much higher overheads than barristers and so are less flexible with their hourly rates and pricing in general. Solicitors often engage barristers on a clients behalf. They then legitimately charge the client at the solicitors’ rate, not the barristers one. Having said this,it is more likely that a solicitor will charge the barrister himself with the client paying only what the barrister charges plus the solicitors own fees.

Agreed Fees puts the risk on the Barrister

Although barristers can be paid hourly rates it is much more common for them to be paid an agreed fixed fee. Cases vary in length, so the barrister does well if the case runs short, however the risk is squarely on the barristers shoulders if it over-runs at all.

A “brief fee” is agreed with the barrister prior to any court hearings and it is written on the outside of the brief. This is confirmation of the agreed amount to be paid the barrister and this is supported by the court and will not normally be changed.

Barristers fees are market driven

Market forces are all about supply and demand. Barristers fees tend to operate on this basis. They are entitled to judge for themselves what the market will stand and charge accordingly.

Having said this the real factors come down to location, experience, reputation and demand. Consequently the longer the barrister has served, and the more senior they are, the more they will cost.

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